Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scottish english

Picters in yer heid - Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

Copyright holder(s)

  • Robert Fairnie


It’s funny the wey wee things can shoogle yer memory an pent picters in yer heid o things that kythed lang syne; picters that’s gey near as clear the day as they war when they war new in the bygane. Geordie’s memory wis shoogilt in sic a wey ae mornin thare when he taen it intae his heid tae tak anither gate on the wey tae the paper shop, juist for a chynge, an it taen him past some hooses wi front gairdens that feinished at the pavie wi a brick wa. The wa hid a caip stane on the tap an stuid aboot twa an a hauf fit high an, the thing that grippit his ee thon mornin, wis a raw o wee stumpit bits o airn, ilka yin wantin a wee bit for an inch in hicht, rinnin alang the mids o the caip stane in single file aboot hauf a fit apairt. The sicht o thae wee bits o airn wheeched him richt back tae his bairnheid when he wis nae mair nor aboot aicht year auld.

SCOTS Project - Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech: "A corpus of Scottish texts from 1945 to the present day"

Thursday, August 09, 2007

'joe job

"'joe job'." - Google Search
Online, a joe job (or Joe job) is a spam attack using spoofed sender data and aimed at tarnishing the reputation of the apparent sender and/or induce the ...

Wednesday, August 08, 2007


The Secret Project to Spam the Internet (Sporgery): "In 1998 a friend of mine, and someone I totally trusted (my auditor, and longtime friend, Bill) called and asked me to do a favor for OSA. He told me it was very important. I told him I would come over and find out what it was. He gave me a bit of money and asked me to go to an address on Wilshire Blvd. at a certain address. He said to just walk up to the door, and tell the man you want to 'open an ISP'. He gave me a name to put it in, and said to give him the money. At the time I knew basically nothing about computers, so I had NO idea what this all meant."

Re: Learning to Love the Bomb the Co$ Way: "Bill Yaude is a Scientologist. Along with Gavino Idda, Jim Kalergis and other Scientologists working for the Office of Special Affairs of the Church of Scientology, Bill Yaude is responsible for posting approximately 2,000,000 spam messages to alt.religion.scientology and other Usenet newsgroups. Dozens of Internet accounts were used. They were obtained in different cities in the United States. They were paid for in cash and using false names so that they could not be traced to the Church of Scientology. Addresses in the spam messages were also forged to make it look like they came from actual newsgroup subscribers. Tilman Hausherr, a critic of Scientology, coined the word 'sporgery' from 'spam' and 'forgery.'"