Sunday, August 12, 2007

Scottish english

Picters in yer heid - Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

Copyright holder(s)

  • Robert Fairnie


It’s funny the wey wee things can shoogle yer memory an pent picters in yer heid o things that kythed lang syne; picters that’s gey near as clear the day as they war when they war new in the bygane. Geordie’s memory wis shoogilt in sic a wey ae mornin thare when he taen it intae his heid tae tak anither gate on the wey tae the paper shop, juist for a chynge, an it taen him past some hooses wi front gairdens that feinished at the pavie wi a brick wa. The wa hid a caip stane on the tap an stuid aboot twa an a hauf fit high an, the thing that grippit his ee thon mornin, wis a raw o wee stumpit bits o airn, ilka yin wantin a wee bit for an inch in hicht, rinnin alang the mids o the caip stane in single file aboot hauf a fit apairt. The sicht o thae wee bits o airn wheeched him richt back tae his bairnheid when he wis nae mair nor aboot aicht year auld.

SCOTS Project - Scottish Corpus of Texts and Speech: "A corpus of Scottish texts from 1945 to the present day"


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