Tuesday, February 15, 2005

owlet - new word to me

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The Classical Guitar Centre Ltd UK

The Classical Guitar Centre Ltd UK:

"51A St Mary's Road
West Midlands
B67 5DH
T: 0121 429 7446
F: 0121 429 4211

T: +44 - 121 429 7446
F: +44 - 121 429 4211
E: info@classicalguitar.co.uk

going to visit them nextweek and look at their cheapest instrument

The Guitar, an exotic Instrument in Danish Music

Untitled: "Erling Møldrup,
professor of guitar at the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus Denmark

In 1997 I published this book on Danish guitar history until 1960, titled
'Guitaren, et Eksotisk Instrument i Den Danske Musik'.

Unfortunately, much of our knowlegde about music in Denmark has been lost in in some huge castle-fires, therefore the informations on the lute and guitar life as well as the "normal" music-life is rather limited.

The lute made its entry into the royal orchestra as early as in mid 1550s¸ however plucked instruments were without doubt in use further back in Scandinavian history.

Especially under King Christian IV the culturel and music life blossomed.
During that time famous personalities such as John Dowland and other important english lutenists was employed in the Kings chapel where they received extremely high payments.
Dowland's the Second Booke of Songs or Ayres with the famous Lachrimae Pavan and The third and Last Booke of Songs or Ayres were created and published during his stay in denmark.

Technical drawings of musical instruments on the Internet

Technical drawings of musical instruments on the Internet
"Drawing instruments on computer

Recent developments in IT have among other things led to doing nearly all technical drawing, workshop drawing etc. on computer. This has obvious advantages, especially on account of the capability to edit drawings and to print them on paper in the required number of copies.

With regard to musical instruments, drawings generated on computer are no more nor less accurate than drawings done by hand. Measuring an instrument, one is obliged to make note of a limited number of measurements between a limited number of measuring points."

Friday, February 04, 2005

What is the first thing you do after you get out of bed?

If not the bathroom?
Turn on the computer?

Best - unpack the guitar while the computer is booting up
and then go to the midi tuner -- 8notes.com Guitar Tuner
Select each string in turn to tune your guitar.
This guitar tuner uses MIDI which is a Yamaha product and precisely in tune too.

The pleasure of playing or singing in tune can never be underrated.

Google Search: playing "singing +in tune"

Singing in tune all a matter of practice and is inexorably linked to ear training. As one improves, so will the other
see iBreatheMusic Forums - Singing

You have to imagine the note in your head, if hear it inwardly first,
and it will just come out right!