Sunday, July 24, 2005

Oðblgshezi: Calculator Words

Calculator Words: "Here are the 10 letters of Oðblgshezi:"

SHELLOIL is the ancient one.

Babel Texts A-Z

Gymnastics with Onomastics

Gymnastics with Onomastics

Where the last issue of Model Languages described in detail how to create model languages for generating names, this issue specifically elaborates on how different languages and cultures form names.

Here are some useful terms to describe the study of names:
onomastics - the study of names (in general)
anthroponomastics - the study of personal names
toponomastics - the study of place names.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Keyword variations on Google: "Googl-"

Keyword variations on Google: "Googl-"

Googlable [Variation 1 of 355]
Googly [Variation 351 of 355]

The leg-spinner's "wrong' un" - with the wrist bent right round
so that the ball will be released out of the back of the hand

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"corpus googliensis" - Google Groups

"corpus googliensis" - Google Groups: "consist in
... true let us consult the corpus googliensis
another word I coined alt.english.usage - Oct 31 2001, 6:20 pm by Hugh Watkins
which may be led to the google thesaurus

hape - Google Groups: misc.survivalism

hape - Google Groups: misc.survivalism: "High Altitude Pulmonary Edema (HAPE) " new word and some good data

Epinephrine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "Whilst epinephrine is the current International Non-Proprietary Name (INN) and United States Approved Name (USAN), it is widely known as adrenaline in the rest of the world (outside the United States) which followed the British Approved Name (BAN) as listed in the British Pharmacopoeia.
The monograph name in the European Pharmacopoeia remains adrenaline, despite the adoption of INN names for all other agents, and European Union (EU) countries continue to use either adrenaline or dual-labelling of both names on products. This is because of the confusion that the name epinephrine would cause to patients in EU countries, and resistance to the perceived Americanisation of drug names.
The basis for the name epinephrine in the United States was out of necessity�the name adrenalin (without a final 'e') was registered as a trademark by Parke, Davis & Co. In other countries where this trademark was not registered, the name adrenaline was adopted at the insistence of the British pharmacologist Henry Hallett Dale. Resistance to the adoption of epinephrine has even resulted in some dispute as to the validity of the name (Aronson, 2000)."

Friday, July 08, 2005

Visiting the rock festival at Roskilde (2)

I walked to the ARENA and Jamie Cullum

who started 3 minutes late with a horrible drum solo
Obviously something for his fans
luckily I was sitting outside the tent

and wandered past all the shops
and the bars
THIS IS THE TUBORG FESTIVAL OF BEER - the sort of music that sounds OK after 5 beers

when I got back to the ORANGE stage,
I saw in the cage above that the soundman for Brian Wilson was testing and setting up.

Brian Wilson fans waiting for a front row place

these fences are not for a sheep dip
but the new set up for crowd control after the tragic deaths by crushing

this is the closest exit to the town
so I had a long walk to escape

No one answered my upraised thumb
with a lift,
local hitch-hiking, and on a Sunday too, is notoriously hopeless,
so I was soon done in .

Buses were every 2 or 3 hours .

bicycles chained to the fence

distant policemen checking out a taxi
on an illegal rank at the entrance

Visiting the rock festival at Roskilde (1)

After getting off the shuttle bus from Roskilde train station at the Ringsted road side of the show place.

I was walking past fields and fields filled with masses of parked cars, and glimpsed this Vestas windmill on the hill top.

then a big red tank wagon has been emptying the contents of the toilets

the yellow tent is the ticket sales office

beong over 50 years of age I got in free on the Sunday
and these this guy clamped the wrist band tightly around my wrist


is the tent camp

a bit like a teenage bedroom
untidy and strewn with rubbish

gone home and abandoned their tents and sleeping bags

use and throw away

this is the festival railway station

a halt

no trains on Sundays

finally at the ORANGE STAGE
at 3:00pm

...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead // News

Google Search: "and you will know us by the trail of dead"

I sat at the back on these bleachers

but here the sound quality was confused and disappointing and the music full of clichees.

Better sound at home on my stereo.

I enjoyed people watching but little else.

"spot the plain clothes cops" too

Sunday, July 03, 2005

odge Dictionary - English-German Translation

odge Dictionary - English-German Translation
simply brilliant
I fell over it via Google Search: frauenzimmer dictionary

foreign dictionaries are part of english studies because of all our loan words.