Saturday, November 26, 2005

The Johnson Dictionary Project

The Johnson Dictionary Project

Johnson was first commissioned to compile a dictionary in 1746 on the suggestion of his friend, the bookseller Robert Dodsley.
Dodsley had suggested it long before, but Johnson had at that time rejected the proposal, saying 'I believe I shall not undertake it'.
However, pressure for an instrument to regulate the language had grown steadily during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries through campaigns dating back to the formation of the Royal Society to establish an English academy on the model of the Académie Française, through publications such as Swift's A Proposal for Correcting, Improving and Ascertaining the English Tongue (1712), and through successive abortive attempts to engage leading writers of the day, such as Addison and Pope, to compile an authoritative dictionary.

The fact that the French and Italian academies had recently compiled dictionaries of their own tongues merely added a sense of international competition to a desire which was already strongly felt and widely shared that the English language should be not only corrected and improved, as Swift's title suggests, but ascertained.

Sunday, November 13, 2005


CIA waterboarding - Google Search

CIA torture techniques : "waterboarding": "waterboarding,' in which a detainee is strapped down, dunked under water and made to believe that he might be drowned."

new words for an old idea do not make it ethically better

Monday, November 07, 2005

Erik Satie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Classic piano MIDI & MP3 Concert by Saya / SATIE: "Classical Piano Short Pieces
MIDI & MP3 Concert by SayaTomoko
midi for SC-88pro / Roland"


Erik Satie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gymnop�die - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "According to Debussy, the 2nd gymnop�die did not lend itself to orchestration, so he only orchestrated the 3rd and the 1st, reversing the numbering:
First gymnop�die (original piano setting by Satie) ? 3rd gymnop�die (orchestration by Debussy)
Third gymnop�die (original piano setting by Satie) ? 1st gymnop�die (orchestration by Debussy)
The premi�re of the two Debussy orchestrations took place in February 1897, followed by a publication of the score in 1898.
Orchestrations of the second gymnop�die were only realised many decades later, by other composers, and without being frequently performed."

gymnop�die midi - Google Search

Saturday, November 05, 2005

goofy newfie bf

goofy newfie bf - Google Search
slang seen in an AOL chat room
well i used to have a goofy newfy bf from St Johns