Monday, November 07, 2005

Erik Satie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Classic piano MIDI & MP3 Concert by Saya / SATIE: "Classical Piano Short Pieces
MIDI & MP3 Concert by SayaTomoko
midi for SC-88pro / Roland"


Erik Satie - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gymnop�die - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: "According to Debussy, the 2nd gymnop�die did not lend itself to orchestration, so he only orchestrated the 3rd and the 1st, reversing the numbering:
First gymnop�die (original piano setting by Satie) ? 3rd gymnop�die (orchestration by Debussy)
Third gymnop�die (original piano setting by Satie) ? 1st gymnop�die (orchestration by Debussy)
The premi�re of the two Debussy orchestrations took place in February 1897, followed by a publication of the score in 1898.
Orchestrations of the second gymnop�die were only realised many decades later, by other composers, and without being frequently performed."

gymnop�die midi - Google Search


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