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Codeswitching English and Welsh

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"English/Welsh: Come to the table. Bwyd yn barod ( is ready)"

"a minority language conference in Spain. This one was on bilingual code-switching (you know, when people who know more than one language speak both of them at the same time)."

New corpus of spoken Welsh and Welsh-English code-switching

A new corpus of spoken Welsh and Welsh-English code-switching is now available to researchers as part of the LIDES project on

The corpus, entitled the Bangor Corpus, consists of about 2.5 hours of recordings of informal conversations involving groups or pairs of speakers in North-West Wales and about 2.5 hours of excerpts from BBC Radio Cymru programmes.

The data can be used for research on Welsh-English code-switching as well as general research on spoken Welsh. The corpus was transcribed at the University of Wales, Bangor, as part of a small research project led by Prof Margaret Deuchar, funded by the British Academy, entitled "Structural aspects of Welsh-English code-switching".
The main theoretical aim of the project was to test Myers-Scotton's (2002)
Matrix Language Frame (MLF) model of code-switching with Welsh-English data.

For further information contact Marika Fusser (
or Prof Margaret Deuchar (

Corpws newydd o’r Cymraeg llafar ac o gyfnewid codau Cymraeg-Saesneg

Mae corpws newydd o’r Cymraeg llafar ac o gyfnewid codau Cymraeg-Saesneg ar gael i ymchwilwyr fel rhan o’r prosiect LIDES ar Cynnwys y corpws, sy’n dwyn yr enw "Bangor Corpus", oddeutu 2.5 awr o recordiadau o
sgyrsiau anffurfiol rhwng grwpiau neu barau o siaradwyr yng ngogledd-orllewin
Cymru ac oddeutu 2.5 awr o ddetholrannau o raglenni Radio Cymru.

defnyddio'r data ar gyfer ymchwil ar gyfnewid codau Cymraeg-Saesneg yn
ogystal ag ymchwil gyffredinol ar y Cymraeg llafar. Trawsgrifiwyd y corpws ym Mhrifysgol Cymru, Bangor, fel rhan o brosiect ymchwil bach dan arweiniad Yr Athro Margaret Deuchar, dan nawdd yr Academi Brydeinig, a oedd yn dwyn yr enw "Agweddau strwythurol ar gyfnewid codau Cymraeg-Saesneg". Prif nod damcaniaethol y prosiect oedd profi model Myers-Scotton (2002) o gyfnewid codau, y "Matrix Language Frame Model" (MLF) gyda data Cymraeg-Saesneg.

Am ragor o wybodaeth cysyllter â Marika Fusser (
Athro Margaret Deuchar (

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Codeswitching - happens all the time in New Zealand where nearly everyone speaks English but some people speak Maori as well. Usually it's just a word or two of Maori inserted into an English sentence, eg "we had a korero (chat, discussion, interview) about the drug problem", sometimes it's a longer phrase. I'm very used to the phenomenon, but didn't know it had a name. (my experience via TV and radio, not usually in person) -- Lesley W

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