Tuesday, September 06, 2005

mad about wind instruments

yes I am wild about the winds
I used to play at teach all of them except the bagpipes and the pipe organ

modern instruments from the piccolo to the tuba, and the recorder

But this one is new to me:-

"Fort Delaware's Museum has a newly discovered artifact that was purchased by the Delaware Division of Parks and Recreation: an "over the shoulder" cornet.

"This cornet had belonged to Fort Delaware's head musician, Sergeant Thomas M. Todd, who was from Pittsburgh's Independent Battery G. Todd and his Fort Delaware Cornet Band played concerts in Delaware, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

" They even played at the memorial service held for President Abraham Lincoln in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.

"The Fort Delaware Cornet Band is mentioned in accounts from both garrison members and prisoners.
On March 27, 1864, Washington George Nugent, a surgeon at Fort Delaware, wrote to his wife, "My friend Turner handed me yesterday the song 'Wait love until the war is over' and I will send it to you. A member of the band here, 'Todd,' the leader in fact composed the music or rather set the song to music.
He is a very clever fellow, a schollar (sic) and a gentlemen, well educated, was a private in a battery here but he with several others out of the company compose our band and it is a very good one indeed."


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