Friday, July 08, 2005

Visiting the rock festival at Roskilde (2)

I walked to the ARENA and Jamie Cullum

who started 3 minutes late with a horrible drum solo
Obviously something for his fans
luckily I was sitting outside the tent

and wandered past all the shops
and the bars
THIS IS THE TUBORG FESTIVAL OF BEER - the sort of music that sounds OK after 5 beers

when I got back to the ORANGE stage,
I saw in the cage above that the soundman for Brian Wilson was testing and setting up.

Brian Wilson fans waiting for a front row place

these fences are not for a sheep dip
but the new set up for crowd control after the tragic deaths by crushing

this is the closest exit to the town
so I had a long walk to escape

No one answered my upraised thumb
with a lift,
local hitch-hiking, and on a Sunday too, is notoriously hopeless,
so I was soon done in .

Buses were every 2 or 3 hours .

bicycles chained to the fence

distant policemen checking out a taxi
on an illegal rank at the entrance


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