Monday, September 12, 2005

Oxford English Dictionary

Oxford English Dictionary

Revision of the entries in the September 2005 OED Online update has revealed an earlier origin than previously known for many words, including:

paunched (antedated to 1528 from 1649)
perceptiveness (1823 from 1852)
peremptorily (1435 from 1513)
pawner (1611 from 1745)
pawnshop (1759 from 1849)
peach bloom (1652 from 1856)
pearlescent (1938 from 1949)
peculative (1779 from 1909)
pedalo (1941 from 1959)
pedicure (1839 from 1842)

Appeals - September 2005 newsletter - Oxford English Dictionary: "Words or phrases which appear on the Appeals List are those currently being drafted or revised for the OED for which the documentary evidence is incomplete. Often these are slang or colloquial items which cannot be researched in specialist texts and are most likely to be found by a general reader in non-specialized or popular literature. "

Quotable quotes - September 2005 newsletter - Oxford English Dictionary: "1762 W. Dodd Poems, 'Tis..a point of great prudence in the governors of colleges, that the she bed-makers should be bothe aged and uninviting."


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