Thursday, September 08, 2005


New word in my email in this week's issue of IT Security Bulletin: :: Term :: Greynet: "Greynets are network enabled applications that are installed on an end user's system without permission from IT and are frequently evasive at the network level, using techniques like port agility and encryption to avoid being detected and blocked. Greynets pose a myriad of network and information security risks including potential vectors for malware, client-side code vulnerabilities, intellectual property loss, identity theft and more. While some greynets, especially IM, have legitimate business uses, others are not so business-friendly. Even legitimate greynet applications can pose grave network and information security risks."

My thanks to

Trilogy Technologies, a leading integrator of Enterprise Security and
Systems Management solutions, bring to you information on "greynets".

A 'greynet' represents a network enabled computer application that is
downloaded and installed on an end user's system without express
permission from IT administrators, such as IM, P2P file sharing, web
conferencing, SKYPE, web mail and adware/spyware. Greynets are
frequently evasive to existing network security defences, using
techniques like port agility and encryption to avoid being detected
and blocked.

There are multiple reasons for the evasive behaviour which will be
discussed in this paper from FaceTime... this paper will also address
the growing security threats that accompany the adoption of greynet
applications in the enterprise environment.

Learn more. RapidRequest this white paper in 2 clicks :: Terms & Definitions
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