Sunday, August 30, 2009

feminism: Definition from

feminism: Definition from "Feminism is a relatively recent term for the politics of equal rights for women. It came into use in English only in the 1890s, and many languages do not have this noun at all"

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ear training blogged

Ear training, with links to neat YouTube videos - Brian Slesinsky: "In an attempt to improve my musical skills, I've been practicing with Interval Ear Trainer a little bit every day. It's a web app that plays two notes, either sequentially or at the same time, and then you have to decide how far apart they are in pitch. (This is a common exercise for musicians.)"

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Noel Coward's - Google Search


Sir James Galway plays "The Lord of the Rings"

YouTube - Sir James Galway plays "The Lord of the Rings": "Mr Power, the headmasterof his secondary school in Belfast, told me as a boy he played the recorder suberbly well,
and therefore flute lessonns were arranged for him with the wife of the City's music advisor.

The panny whistle is a traditional irish folk instrument which he may have played at home. The flute is also a marching band instrument used by the protestants for their Orange day parades.

He would have been called a fluter in the Belfast dialect (not a flautist)"

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

music from the Faroe Islands

Welcome to music from the Faroe Islands: "The Faroe Island’s music scene might be small - but it packs one hell of a dynamite punch. Music has been a part of these islands since time immemorial, and though its size and location have isolated it somewhat from the international music community, Faroese music is growing increasingly visible and dynamic from day to day.

Music From The Faroe Islands aims to provide a window for visitors to learn more about this intriguing scene, and to develop links, contacts and networks between various musical communities. In the future we hope this site will help Faroese music communities create a real online music information portal."