Sunday, January 23, 2005

Svarabhakti vowel

a Svarabakti vowel (pronounced between
two consonents but never written like the second vowel in fil[u]m)

soc.genealogy.britain - Jan 24, 12:03 am by Charles Ellson
Google Search: Svarabhakti vowel

from Google groups Search Svarabakti vowel

Friday, January 21, 2005 - Interactive Online Guitar Tuner - Interactive Online Guitar Tuner

briliant - works by midi on the computer
Guitar Chord Chart -

Interactive Guitar Chord Chart. All chords have a midi file, so you can hear the chord as well as see it!
Begin by selecting the root of the chord from the top menu, then select the chord extension from the side menu.

Taboholic - Free guitar tabs, free guitar lessons, free guitar sheetmusic, free guitar riffs

OLGA - The On-Line Guitar Archive | Guitar Tabs, Bass Tabs, and Drum Tabs

Google Search: online guitar tuner

Online guitar tuner - E A D G B E

Tuning Lessons and Tips @ Guitar Noise ( free guitar lessons



Google Search: STAGG C546

but nobody knows the STAGGB url - or location of the factory

Guitar Blog
The Chord House
Harmony Central
Chord generators - the online guitar college - parts, etc
WD Music UK/Europe - Great Britain's largest online source of guitar parts!
Vintage Guitar Info
Serial number dater for Fender guitars
The KISEKAE Telecaster/Stratocaster virtual guitar modelling system
Strat Collector

Thursday, January 20, 2005

a four guitar family

Inge-Lise has the oldest, a spanish style guitar made in Hong Kong.
She bought it there more than 30 years ago when she attended King George
Grammar school,
and earned pocket money in the office of the fresh water tunnel and dam
construction site.
Back in Denmark it got restrung with steel strings and a tail piece
so the sound board has sagged and curled. she also uses a capåo

The second is a damaged german made guitar about 30 years old.
I found it in a skip - kontainer på dansk - a project on hold.
It thas lost its bridge, saddel på dansk -which would cost about 500 kroner
hand made
by our local lutier on the corner of Klosterstræde Copenhagen.
igot a new set of soft strings for it
and I was looking at a plastic ice scaper
which might be adaptable because hard wood is best .

My daughter Manja (pronounced man-ya) saw the second guitar
under the kitchen table here and asked if she might have it.
Not worth spending money on repairing it
so I gave her the third -
a decent spanish guitar which was restrung with best quality nylon
made into a left hander and fine adjusted by our lutier.

Now she is talking about an electric guitar as a RAMSTEIN fan.

I got the fourth guitar a month ago as my birthday present to me for my
sixty nineth birthday.
My left hand is very stiff so I do cautious finger gymnastics like the ones
I learned
in the late fifties for bassoonists - or in fact pianists.
It is a STAGG spanish handmade model C546

Wednesday, January 19, 2005 | AOL Instant Messenger | AIM 5.5


Suchen - genealogy: "Suchergebnisse in den AOL Homepages für genealogy:


Kevin Downing Guitar School. Free Articles

Kevin Downing Guitar School. Free Articles: "Finger Gymnastics - A Review

The book Finger Gymnastics is written by my good friend Charles Chapman of the Berklee College of Music in the USA, and as the title suggests, it will get your fingers doing things you never thought possible"
Charles says in the introduction that nearly all guitarists will suffer an injury sometime in their career, and also says that most of them are avoidable. In the introduction he goes to great lengths telling you how to avoid these types of injuries. This advice is worthy of the book price alone.

looks good
my 69 yearold fingers are so stiff as a beginner i am doing alittle stretching during the day

Thursday, January 13, 2005

recorder - blokfluit - blokfløjte

Google Search: blokfluit: "blokfluit" is netherlands

struggling with the danish spelling
Google Search: Blokfløjten

Google Image Search: Blokfløjte gotcha

ABRSM - The world's leading music exam board

ABRSM in Denmark: - Regions

ABRSM in Denmark: - Regions: "You have reached the area of the ABRSM website dedicated to Denmark, where we have a flourishing network of teachers and exam centres.
We hope these pages will provide you with the information you need. If you have any questions or require further information please contact one of our Representatives. Representatives are well equipped to help, with their combined local and ABRSM knowledge. They can provide syllabuses, information and advice and are in regular contact with the Denmark Co-ordinator at our London office."

Representatives - Denmark: - Regions: "
Kaj Nyvang ,
Høkerstræde 6,
4000 Roskilde,
Tel: 4675 7805, Fax: 4675 3354."

ABRSM - The world's leading music exam board: - Home

ABRSM - The world's leading music exam board: - Home: "
Welcome to The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music, the world's leading music examining board. Over 600,000 candidates take our music exams each year in more than 90 countries around the world. We also run professional development courses for teachers and ABRSM Publishing publishes a wide range of repertoire, music books and CDs."

I base my teaching plan on these exams.


This idea has been in my mind for several years - a virtual conservatory of music with a department for the english language.

I will be sharing my 30 years experience as a teacher of wind instruments and a director of music.
My youngest daughter is our first student, she has decided to study recorder, guitar and piano