Friday, December 09, 2005

How to Write Bad Poetry

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Say not that you are bad at writing good poetry,
Say instead that you are good at writing bad poetry

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Bad poetry index: "There is a huge amount of bad poetry in the world. Although new bad poems are being written by the hundreds every day (many of them in university creative writing classes), most bad poetry is simply weak and ineffectual and lacking in interest and (fortunately) is soon forgotten.

To achieve memorable badness is not so easy. It has to be done innocently, by a poet unaware of his or her defects. The right combination of lofty ambition, humorless self-confidence, and crass incompetence is rare and precious. (There is a famous anthology of bad poetry called The Stuffed Owl, which I recommend to those interested.) "
Seamus Cooney
Studies in Verse / The Nature of Poetry

William McGonagall (1825 or 1830-1902), leading contender for the title of the world's worst poet
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