Wednesday, March 09, 2005

March 2005 newsletter - Oxford English Dictionary

from my email:-

I am writing to let you know that the March issue of OED News is now
available at in both text and
pdf format.

In this issue Jessica Stevens writes about her investigation into the
benefits of increasing the use of OED Online in UK schools. Moving from
the OED's present to its past, Peter Gilliver takes a look at the life
of Arthur Maling, one of the longest-serving assistants to work on the
first edition of the OED, as revealed by the backs of his dictionary

As usual, we include a list of Appeals for help with particular words.
Do you remember reading the English regional word picksome after 1957?
Or can you fill the large gap in our evidence for the word posterial
(?a1475-1834)? If you can help with any of the words listed, please

OED News
contains articles by editors, researchers, and contributors on
their work for the OED, and regular updates on the progress of the
revision programme. We will let you know by e-mail as soon as each issue
is published, to keep you informed about the latest news and
developments on the OED.

OED News
is published quarterly, at the same time as the quarterly
updates to OED Online. You can find more information on these updates
at A list of new entries in the range
OU-OVERZEALOUSNESS is available at, and you can
view a list of new entries from across the alphabet at

You may be interested that it is now possible to sign up for a personal
subscription to OED Online at

I hope that you enjoy reading this issue of OED News.

Jemma Best
Senior Assistant Editor
Oxford English Dictionary

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